Tips For Shopping Part Three: BE REALISTIC

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 9:21 AM

The most important aspect that you should keep on reminding yourself while shopping is definitely your own budget. Unless you were a gazillionaire, each of your spending should be carefully watched. No judgement but there are a lot of working-office-job-get-paid-later-on-monthly-people who likes to purchase one single thing for one big chunk of money and later on stucked with that item for the rest of their lives leaving a big sum of debt in their account (the most annoying some, keep on whining about it!) . This is something SERIOUS.

LV's coin purse? No no, it is a pure leather souvenir from Bangkok

As a hardcore shopper, I definitely looking for something that is affordable, down to earth kind of pricing because I UNDERSTAND THE LEVEL OF SPENDING THAT I NEED NOT TO CROSS OVER due to my 8.30-5.30 salary. Logically, again, unless you were a gazillionaire, what the heck are you going to do with a RM3,000 bag (an average price for designers') when you can diversify it to several warehouses' branded items and you can constantly doing your own shopping every week giving you a variety of looks plus a few hundreds more for nice dinners, coffee etc. Sorry guys, I have a every-week-must-have-at-least-one-new-item policy and I dont do the so called wish lists. That's why you never see any wishlists of designer items here. Of course if I have been given any choices, I want all my working shirts from Raoul, all my luggages from Louis Vuitton or all my shoes from Gucci but life is not some kind of a Lalaland. It's either you could afford buying something or not. Fashion is practical. You wear fashion. Not dreaming of something you couldnt afford it!



have u ever thot that some people would think all the stuff you bought is equivalent to a Gucci shoe or a Prada backpack? rather then getting plenty stuffs that are not memorable & tend to get bored of it after once worn,when u can save and get a hell of a classic designer frock that can be remembered & worn for the ultimate time..your pick.

memorable stuff?? are u some sort of an artist to be photographed till death? unless ur Kate Moss in minimalist Narciso Rodriguez at Cannes circa 1997. now that is memorable!

yeah..u buy RM4000 gucci while everybody is having a nice lunch at Chilli's, spend some of the money for family, charity etc..

but yet again


u dont need to be a gazillionaire..why do u think when u own something fancy u need to flaunt it all around?Stylish people knows quality and best for themselves..and seldom shop excessively..they only shop like once a year..coz whenever they buy,its always of good quality & lasting calssic designs but with a price..rather then buy stuff worn out after a few months & with no 'wow' effect to fashionistas.

who said u cant dine at nice places or spend time with family or do charity?thats drama..

i choose a respectable classic quality items to wear all year round then some small cheap pieces that end up deep in your closet. clothing is an investment..and i know coz i spend a fortune,but rarely..u pay peanuts, u get monkeys.. need to argue...thats fine..if u think you can afford it..then go ahead..

but Im speaking for anyone who is doing a 8.30-5.30 kind of job..tight budget...but wants something that is affordable not necesserilly high ends...

and i understand cause we have so many things that we have to, insurance, bank loans, PTPTN etc i said over and over again


wuuu girl... you spat them out!! me likey..

we all have different views of everything.. we buy shoes that can fit with our own foot size, kan...

but apa-apapun keep doing with what you love doing and stick to our own principle..

tak kisah lah if you have money and you want to buy 'overly' expensive things, you belilah.. kalau kita tak mampu, kita beli apa yang mampu, kan... so what if people want to call it 'garbage'.. so be it... janji kita happy, kan Mone??/

You go girl!!!


Having said that, I never think anything inside your blog is a garbage coz each of them carry Rm,USD,EURO,$$$ value...


P/S : "what the heck you need a RM3,000 bag when you can diversify...." ---> akak sedih. :(

Thanx Deeba...there are a lot of wishlists-ers already

dont u think?