United Colors of Benetton "Batches" Sling Bags

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Monday, February 18, 2008 at 9:29 AM

I always interested in the look of uniforms including these black and brown military/scout inspired sling bags accessorised with batches. They are among others remarkable almost-70% discount items. The original price of these bags was RM229.90 but I purchased it for only RM80. In my opinion, purchasing accessories is better than garments because the value is higher



Haha ... looking forward for your support ... I'm also planning to write for Canadian and American mags at the moment ... right now am waiting for their responses :D

Hey there..

I wonder how to be lucky like you! U always manage to get "good bargains" and it seems easy peasy for u...

How eh? Care to share?

Dont be afraid to visit boutiques/stores..sometimes they have value buys