Kiddie in Me

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Friday, July 31, 2009 at 4:49 PM

Sometimes, I like to express my inner kiddie-in-me by wearing cutey stuff and bright colours like this 70% off yellow Jaspal shirt together with an all earth color ensemble. I don't think it is wise to wear an all black outfit nowadays (if you can see the blazing sunlight sneaking in through the window panel!)

Black MNG Handbag

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Friday, July 24, 2009 at 11:00 PM

This is a very simple looking and spacious black MNG handbag with tussle suitable for the minimalists. I got it at a reasonable price during a seasonal clearance


Colour Block

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 10:18 AM

I always have been wondering how can people do colour blocking, mixing and experimenting different shades of hues. Well, I'm trying mine with a new 50% PDI khakis with a white long sleeves shirt, grey belt and green shoes. All are discounted, of course!


Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 9:45 AM

I love the look of Sienna Miller in Loewe 2009 Spring military-style that I have to find back my Zara shirt to have my own military-look too today!

Black Pack

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 10:20 PM

How do you match your dowdy looking black shirt with a pant for a safe office look? A black one looks like a suicidal mission in the middle of the sunlight ,white and light shades give a shorter silhouette of your legs so the safest one I think is grey. My black shirt is courtesy of an RM33 Reject Shop's, an old RM30 G2000 pant and an RM39 MNG suede belt

Made in Korea Capsule Collection

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 8:02 PM

Made in Korea Capsule Collection


Blue's Clues

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 9:17 PM

You can't deny the fact that Blue is guys' fave colour. Sometimes, the whole office is like a sea of blue, coincidentally! When you have a blue ensemble, black accessories are the prominent saviour. Mine is courtesy from a favourite old Ralph Lauren blue and white stripes given by a friend and the current good buy Guess pant, paired together with Zara's 46% discounted black woven belt and a 70% Valentino Rudy black leather shoes

Black Patent Leather Inspired Calvin Klein Long Purse

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 9:00 PM

CK is joining the heat of the mega sale by having an up to 40% sale including this black patent leather inspired long purse. Love love love!


Pink Monogram Leather Trimming DKNY Long Purse

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 8:52 PM

This year's recession is surely hitting hard to the retail industry at least here on our shore but an opportunity sure not to be missed in finding good bargains on designers like this pink monogram DKNY with leather trimming for a 60% off


Black Leather Braun Buffel Wallet

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 8:45 PM

For my next assignment looking for a bulky wallet for a friend, I found this black leather wallet for a 50% off. I think it is perfect because there is so much holder for cards and a coin department and most importantly, it is sold!


A Dior Day!

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Monday, July 13, 2009 at 11:26 AM

Lady Gaga-ish!

As usual, I was strolling along KLCC's Isetan when a dear friend of mine who we used to be working together in a boutique years ago just screamed out loud my name from the boutique. Shortly after embracing each other, without wasting anytime, he showed me all the nice bargained items and I ended up buying a last-minute-30% -converted -to- 50% discounted Dior Homme Sport sunglasses.
The attire? A 50% off Running Polo bought from Jakarta, casual jeans, belt, slippers and my new durable Marc by Marc Jacobs tote. Many thanx to the hysterically and maniacally hilarious Vicky and Ijoi. The best services ever. You should try!

Maroon Metallic Nine West Handbag

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 10:32 AM

Sometimes you need to get out of the black and brown curse of handbags and play around with other colours like this 50% maroon metallic Nine West from the Tang's never ending sale


Chocolate Guess "Airport" Handbag

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 10:29 AM

If you can't get a Prada, this is a very -ish material chocolate Guess from the "Airport" collection. Very spacious and worth it for a 60% off from Tang's current sale


Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 10:45 PM

I used the Calvin Klien tote for my laptop earlier on only to find out the material didnt really gives the enough support for the weight so Im switching to this Marc by Marc Jacobs tote. The selling price here in KL was around RM700 but my friend got it from Hong Kong for RM500 before letting go for a mere RM300, in still mint condition. Lucky huh?

Black Zara "Pirate" Sling Bag

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 10:37 PM

I love the elements of pirate-ish on this sling bag. Tassels, zippers, skulls and batches are everywhere. Not bad for a 30% discount


Biege Suede & Plaid Timberland Boot

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 10:26 PM

Like 2 years ago, I came across with another cool Timberland clearance sale in Isetan, KLCC and I got this cool boot for 68% off. Love the mixture elements of beige suede leather and plaid fabric


Shorts Shortage!

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 9:54 PM

As Im embracing the casualness of shorts, I know that I have to do something in order to not overuse the old grey but this time around I paired it with my 70% discounted Jaspal Jeans long sleeves striped shirt, 50% off Pedro slippers, A/X sunnies and the Peruvian sling bag

Fri-Day Lights

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Friday, July 10, 2009 at 3:37 PM

For the launching of our company's clubhouse new logo (which I participated the logo design competition and sucked!), I debuted my RM29.90 printed Ben Sherman yellow long sleeves shirt, 70% off black FCUK jeans, one of my favorite shoes; cowboy-inspired brown suede I Am and salvaging the suede "Renaissance G" Guess belt. Dressing up chicncheap-ly for events has always been an exciting challenge for me!

Paperbag-Inspired Chanel Leather Tote

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Thursday, July 9, 2009 at 11:12 AM

These are the closest Chanel items that guys can use, leather totes inspired by its paperbag. Starting price? RM9000, gulp!

Khakis Crazy

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 3:39 PM

Thanks for emailing some of the questions that I don't even deserved to answer like how to look formal but yet not looking trying too hard when pairing khakis with working shirts. Well, personally for me, try to wear something light on top such as earth, nude or pastel colors because you don't want to look shorter with light-colored pants.

If you prefer proper matchy-matchy kind of a dress code, you are advised to accessorize yourself with matching brown shoes and belts because you don't want to run away from the color coding. This is an older picture of mine visiting a car promotion wearing one. My khakis is courtesy from a 70% off United Colors of Benetton, an RM20 yellow striped non-wrinkle long sleeves shirt from FOS, a
50% discount Zara suede belt and a pair of a 53% discount Massimo Dutti suede loafers
. So cheap!

1 Pant, Another Look!

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 8:58 AM

For a "power luncheon" organised at my friend's, I paired the same TZ factory pant with my white Ralph Lauren long sleeves shirt given by a friend, brown 50% off suede Guess belt and also the discounted suede Zara shoes. I hate to buy pants because Im short and I need to get it shorten, so I tend to wear the same ones often

My advice; choose belts and shoes that you can wear them formally and casually perfect for both working attire and weekends affairs so you can save same money to buy everything else

"Yawn" Office Attire

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Monday, July 6, 2009 at 10:33 PM

Like always, I forgot to wear my company's uniform on every Mondays but instead I threw on an RM10 purple Zara long sleeves shirt (courtesy of a friend's spring cleaning), an old RM30 G2000 grey pant, my CKs; the 40% off too-heavy-for-a-laptop canvas tote and 60% off patent leather-inspired chunky belt and my first ever 50% discounted Oxford Hush Puppies for today.

Looking very cheap, huh?

My personal go bargain! advice; don't spend too much on boring office attire. They are very stiff looking. You should find your working shirts from the warehouses and just need a pair of nice looking leather shoes;brown and black, each to match with your pants

Recycle Recycle Recycle!

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Sunday, July 5, 2009 at 10:13 PM

what are u looking at, Che Det!

I was channeling a very lazy Sunday for the Transformers 2 (same old same old formula, Bay!) by putting on an old warehoused-Micheal Kors shirt, recycling again my old short and Zara espadrilles together with my constant companion, the Gucci tote. Took sometime to take a pic "with" fashion mogul Dato' Farah Khan. The icing of the cake was the chance to "meet" Che Det up close but nothing personal from my The Pavilion's La Bodega table, just meters away. So surreal!

former boss, DFK!

Black Sequined Farah Khan Tote

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 10:08 PM

Some say sequins and beadings are boring and outdated but to me, they can add some spices to your accessories and outfits. You can just imagine the hardwork and painfulness of making sure all the detailings are put together perfectly like this black sequined Farah Khan tote that I got for a 70% discount!


Brown Zara Handbag

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 10:04 PM

I love Zara's current sale because there are so many choices from shoes, jeans, belts and handbags like this pleated brown


Blue Guess Premium Long Pant

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 9:52 PM

A remarkable up to 70% off sale by Guess right now like this blue Premium long pant with cute buttons suitable for my working attire that I got for only RM128.70 from an original price of RM429!

Switch Switch Switch!

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 12:09 AM

For a friend's daughter's b-day yesterday, I opted for an all blue ensemble which include my 70% off plaid Goggle shirt mixed and matched with my black 60% off MaxMara metal plates belt (with an after-party "bump", burrpppp!), a nice patent leather smelling 50% off Coach sling bag, an old discounted Zara jeans and the 50% off Adidas sneakers once again. And later in the evening, I was late for a drink with a friend so I just put on my old shorts sans any belts and the new Zara espadrilles. Looking "cheap" has never been funner people!

Green Suede Zara Espadrilles

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Friday, July 3, 2009 at 10:02 PM

My tendency to just wait and see before buying stuff has really paid off like this 29% off green suede espadrilles. I just thought it was quite expensive for an original price of RM169.90 but to my surprise it is reduced to RM119.90, quite nice for a very new collection. My obsession towards suede leather helps too!

Black Monogram DKNY Purse

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 9:55 PM

I was strolling along the Midvalley megamall when a friend of mine suggested to buy this cute 60% off black monogram DKNY purse. It is definitely rare for the label to going really down with this kind of price but I guess I am lucky enough to grab it first!


Casual Friday Ensemble

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 4:56 PM

Some of the readers have had asked me on how on earth I can just wear all these cheap items for my working/casual ensemble. Well it is rather an easy task. Like today, I just put on my RM10 Google shirt together with a cool RM15 out-pocketed pant that I got from TZ Factory, Jaya Jusco, discounted suede MNG belt that I just bought and my favourite new piece, the 50% off 3 stripes Adidas sneakers. Perfect for my casual Friday look!

Grey MNG Suede Belt

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 7:42 PM

I have discounted suede belts, shoes ,(more shoes!), had a bag and boot but still crazy for more of suedes like this grey MNG. I accompanied my girlfriends for its up to 70% discount sale which is currently still going on and grab this men's-like belt for only RM39 from an original price of RM89 at KLCC's, a cool 56% discount!

Souvenir T-Shirts from UK

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on at 7:25 PM

My sister is currently studying in UK and when she had to attend a conference at the prestigious Oxford uni, she bought me a t-shirt exclusively made for the institution and a cute statement t-shirt with a nice wording. Check it out!