"Yawn" Office Attire

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Monday, July 6, 2009 at 10:33 PM

Like always, I forgot to wear my company's uniform on every Mondays but instead I threw on an RM10 purple Zara long sleeves shirt (courtesy of a friend's spring cleaning), an old RM30 G2000 grey pant, my CKs; the 40% off too-heavy-for-a-laptop canvas tote and 60% off patent leather-inspired chunky belt and my first ever 50% discounted Oxford Hush Puppies for today.

Looking very cheap, huh?

My personal go bargain! advice; don't spend too much on boring office attire. They are very stiff looking. You should find your working shirts from the warehouses and just need a pair of nice looking leather shoes;brown and black, each to match with your pants