Khakis Crazy

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 3:39 PM

Thanks for emailing some of the questions that I don't even deserved to answer like how to look formal but yet not looking trying too hard when pairing khakis with working shirts. Well, personally for me, try to wear something light on top such as earth, nude or pastel colors because you don't want to look shorter with light-colored pants.

If you prefer proper matchy-matchy kind of a dress code, you are advised to accessorize yourself with matching brown shoes and belts because you don't want to run away from the color coding. This is an older picture of mine visiting a car promotion wearing one. My khakis is courtesy from a 70% off United Colors of Benetton, an RM20 yellow striped non-wrinkle long sleeves shirt from FOS, a
50% discount Zara suede belt and a pair of a 53% discount Massimo Dutti suede loafers
. So cheap!