Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 1:21 PM

I got the chance to catch the much anticipated "Twilight", another teen novel turns movie yesterday at The Pavilion. I dont really like to go to the cinema nowadays because I will be so restless doing nothing for 2-3 hours inside but the whole vampire and mortal's romance has always fascinated me. I was just too lazy to read the novel so I decided to watch the movie. Generally, it was good, very teenager-ish storyline. Pattison quirky handsome was the ultimate choice for Edward and Stewart's tomboyish beauty suits Bella very well. There were some memorable scenes like the inroduction of the Cullen siblings at the cafeteria by Bella's friend (girls just screamed like crazy when Edward steps in, right in the cinema!) and from the downside, I think the story went too fast just because "Twilight " is the first book from the saga so they tend to finsh up the whole book in one movie. It should be more on how Bella discovered Edward is a vampire, how they fall in love etc for the debut And sometimes the script was too cheesy and that "diamond" scene if you know what I mean, was a bit awkward. But overall it was an awesome show,definitely will buy the dvd!