Francesco Smalto Long Sleeves Shirts

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 at 11:41 PM

Now I know why people like to go to Sogo. I would have to say it is a very nice place to find good bargains. You see, when you were with a sea of people with children, some even were not locals, who were spending for discounted items regardless of the labels, hoping to spend wisely, you tend to appreciate how lucky you are to have a blessed life, decent work and lovely family/friends

Anyway, these are things that I got for today's visit. First up, a multi-colored striped Francesco Smalto long sleeves shirts for only RM22 from an original price of RM159, a staggering 86% discount!

and a pink checked from the same label, again also for RM22 from an original price of RM139, a cool 84% discount. This is by far the biggest discount I have ever encounted for this label. Hurry, while stock lasts!