CUCI The Musical

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 6:01 PM

I got the chance to watch CUCI The Musical last night at Istana Budaya and it was surprisingly my first visit ever. What can I say, it was an entertaining play. Simple screenplay but a great chemistry among the actors. If we have an equivalent award like the Tony, I had Adibah Noor, AC Mizal & Awie in mind as the supporting actress and actors nominations respectively. I didnt have much time to think about what to wear so I just recycled (as the mighty Anna Wintour also promotes!) my Esprit Cardigan over a checkered shirt on top and a combination of Zara jeans and Adidas sneakers at the bottom. Thanx Jude for the free ticket. It was a blast!

Didn't know that a blue checked shirt goes well with a pink striped cardigan!