Black Calvin Klein Jeans Wallet

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Friday, January 11, 2008 at 9:35 AM

I always looking forward to visit Calvin Klein Jeans whenever they are having their season clearance sale (like right now) because if you are lucky enough, you might find some very interesting items like this black full leather wallet that I purchased for 50% less at KLCC's Parkson. Simply gorgeous!



Hey there...

I have been referred to your blog from a friend of mine. Nice blog indeed and very informative. Keep up the good job..

P/S: Love CK too...

Hey there,

What's the blog for?
Are they for sale?

The initial concept for this blog was the memory lane for great bargains and interesting pieces that I bought

but it grew to somewhat a marketplace, to assist me with pictures and description whenever I feel I wanna resell the items

so, yeah, there are items that I wanna sell