Tips For Shopping Part Une: ALWAYS GO FOR LABELS

Posted by The Bargain Hunter on Friday, December 28, 2007 at 10:37 AM

There are a lot of buyers and online users asking me, "How do you shop?", "Any tips for shopping?" or "Where did you get those items?". One word, labels (that you can afford, of course!). I have to admit that whenever and wherever I go for shopping, I will always go for the label first rather then the design itself. Why? Simply because of the quality. For example, if you are looking for a nice printed t-shirt, it is prominently noticeable that the ones with label, the prints are more vivid and the material is washable friendly like this British India T. Why you have to pay for the less quality ones when you can have a nice RM19.90 T like this? The point is, you have to rigorously go and look out for warehouses and sales, pick a nice one and eventually pay less. But remember, discounted items are very limited interms of sizes and good designs. So, it is vital to choose which one that will look as worth it as the price that you are going to pay. Do not buy pieces that didnt look "expensive". Good Luck!



saiz apa ni ijal?
price? still valid kah??